Keep your profile safe on Facebook, just follow these easy tips!


   To keep your Facebook profile safe, we are going to tell you about some tips, which is very important for everyone to know. Because There was a news of leakage of data from Facebook. After that, all Facebook users are afraid that their personal information will not be leaked. Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has talked about taking some steps to keep its data secure for Facebook users.

    But with that, we want to give you information about such tips. So that you can avoid leaking your Facebook data. At the same time, you can avoid being trapped in any kind of trouble. So friends, if you want to know about those tips, then read our post full till the end. Because after that you can secure your Facebook profile otherwise. To make your profile safe on Facebook, you have to make some changes to the settings.

  • Make changes to your Facebook account settings-

    To secure your data, you must log in to your Facebook account and go to settings. Then there, under the Apps, Web sites and Plug-ins, click on the Edit Button to disable that platform.

  1. Remove your Mobile number from Facebook -

      Many people keep their mobile numbers on their Facebook account and they can easily access their mobile number to anyone. In this way, we should not put our mobile number on any social media platform. Therefore, you should remove your mobile number from your Facebook account.

2. Do not share your location on Facebook -

    You will also see that, whenever people go somewhere, they keep sharing their location on Facebook. Now, sharing this information on social media can also create trouble for them. Therefore, we should never share our location on any social media platform to protect ourselves.

3.Do not register for any service by Facebook -

     At present, we use Facebook to register for a lot of services on the Internet. Because, through this, any new social media website can be made the account in a very short time. Most people use Facebook only to create an account on an e-commerce website.
     But we should never register for any other service through Facebook. Because by doing so, any other company can access all your information through Facebook. So friends should never make any other service registration by Facebook.

4.Do not share your private photo on Facebook -

     Since social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have come, people's personal items are coming in front of the public. Because people share their every bit of activity on social media. Now in such a case, if their data gets leaked by mistake, then they can trap any major problem. So friends should not ever share your private things on any social media platform.

5.Do not put your date of birth on Facebook -

     Most people keep their birthdays on their Facebook account so that hackers can misinterpret it and remove many types of information. In such a situation, you should remove your date of birth from your Facebook profile. Because, on entering the birth date on the public place, any person can misuse it.

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